My Turn!

This is a fantastic idea. We all have such crazy schedules, what a wonderful way for all of us to catch up in one spot!

Oh where to begin… Monday – Friday are kind of a blur for me, it seems. Sarietta and I wake up around 5:45 or 6 to get ready for work/school. When I say 5:45 or 6, I mean my alarm starts going off then, but usually it’s more like 6:15… haha. We get all of our stuff done to be on the road to work by 6:40 for our 35 minute drive to the school. Once we arrive, we get my room ready for the day and I take her to her classroom. By 7:30, I’m back in my room and ready for students. I like my job, it’s fun and changes everyday. There have been some rough patches this year, but I am thankful I am finally in a school district and a good one at that.  Students dismiss at 2pm and then I finally get to pick Sarietta up at 2:10 or so. She hangs out in my room while I get paperwork done, set up for the next day. When we have meetings, she attends them with me and is generally good for the duration of them. She’s such a little grown up even though she’s only 5.

While we are at school, David is home with Liam. I think they typically start their day around 9 or so (lucky!) and eat and play for most of the day.  Liam goes to my mom’s each day at 2:30 and David goes to work from 3 until 11.  Usually by 3:15 or so, Sarietta and I pack up and head to my mom’s to get the small one. We sometimes hang out there for a while, but on Monday’s and Wednesday’s, we stay for only a few minutes. On those days, Sarietta has karate and we have to eat dinner and get there by 6:30. We are usually there until around 8 or so. On Tuesday’s I usually work until at least 5, sometimes 6 if we have a lot going on. Once we all get home, it’s dinner time that I have to make while Sarietta and Liam are playing in their rooms or watching tv. There are lots of interruptions and most nights it may be 8pm before we eat, but that is life. After dinner, it’s bath time and reading then off to bed by 9.  Sarietta always drifts off quickly but Liam is consistent in his need for snuggles or “nuggles” as he calls them. I usually lay in his bed with him for about 15 minutes, singing to him and giggling. He is a silly, fun little boy.  Sometimes, if Sarietta doesn’t go right to sleep I will go in there with her and talk for a while. She doesn’t often nap at school, but when she does, it takes her forever to fall asleep at night.

Once they are in bed, I always PLAN to go to bed by 10:30. 90 % of the time that doesn’t happen. I usually sew or catch up on my tv shows I record.  Sometimes, I do actually make it to bed by 10:30… not normally though. I usually stay up so I can at least see David for a few minutes when he gets home at 11:30. I always stay up Friday nights to see him.

On Saturdays and Sundays, we do all of our grocery shopping and if I am lucky I get to see Sarah and Regina for a bit 🙂  David usually works on Saturdays so we typically do lunch and then I take him to work. On Sundays, we sometimes go to church, but we aren’t very regular. This is something I want to change.  If we do go to church, we usually have lunch with David’s parents and then go home to have a lazy day and sometimes nap.

And then it all starts again!

Some random tidbits that have happened in the last year or so:

  • I have a huge passion for sewing. I started my own business in January 2014 and mainly make purses and baby items. I am a fabric addict and I love, love, love making all these wonderful things! I named my business Sew, Actually with David’s help and it has been a real blessing to us! 🙂

    Sarietta as Spider Girl and Liam as Gnomeo from Gnomeo and Juliet: Halloween 2014

  • I recently became in contact with long lost family members. It’s been amazing. I am so grateful to be able to get to know them and it has really been life changing in more ways than one!
  • I’ve realized that the hardest part is David working 2nd shift. We recently took our first weekend trip without the children. This is something we had never done before and while parts of the trip were frustrating (hotel issues, etc), it was so nice to have time with him alone. I think we get wrapped up in all the craziness and we forget to take time for ourselves.
  • I just started using Young Living Essential Oils! Holy Crap, I am in love! It’s just been amazing!!

Well, I think that is all for now. I am really enjoying reading these so far! Miss you all! And I look forward to reading more 🙂signature


My Life Since Converse


We graduated!

Baccalaureate: The Beginning of the End.

Baccalaureate: The Beginning of the End.

I drove my mom and my grandma up to Toronto to visit my cousins and aunt. One of my cousins had been attending boarding school in Canada since she was 13 and her mom and younger bro decided to visit that summer to study English. While we were there, we met up with some of my mom’s childhood friends who are now living in Canada and we all went to Niagara Falls.

My mom and her friend at Niagara Falls.

My mom and her friend at Niagara Falls.

In mid-July I moved to Winston-Salem, NC to start graduate school. I spent two weeks at bartending school before starting grad school orientation. Just after orientation, I went down to Charlotte to celebrate Page’s 21st birthday.

Page's first (legal) drink.

Page’s first (legal) drink.

The first year of graduate school consisted of the bulk of my required classwork, as well as rotations to test-drive potential dissertation labs. During my first rotation, I worked on Haemophilus influenzae biofilms and developed a close relationship with the members of that most excellent lab. Shortly after starting grad school, my cousin, Kyoung-Eun, came from Korea to live with me and study English at UNC-Greensboro. It was great to see her again and to reform bonds.

My second rotation was my favorite and, in addition to the awesome PI (private investigator, aka boss) and subject matter, I bonded with my classmate and co-roton (rotation student), Rick, over silly songs and karaoke. Our lab spent a long weekend in Spartanburg meeting with some collaborators from Atlanta. It was over that weekend that the first of many Grad School Musical songs was written.

I was so taken with my second rotation that I was inspired to draw this adenovirus on a bar wall with pool chalk.

I was so taken with my second rotation that I was inspired to draw this adenovirus on a bar wall with pool chalk.

I saw Page and Amy over Thanksgiving and spent New Year’s Eve with Page, Vicky, and my cousin in Charlotte.




My third and final rotation was my least favorite. I hated every minute of it. Actually, that’s a lie. I didn’t mind being there working by myself, processing samples and staining, but I hated the people, I didn’t care for the subject matter, and I hate making IP (intraperitoneal) injections. I made the last-minute decision to fly to Stuttgart for spring break and wound up playing hooky during that rotation…and kinda didn’t bother to tell anyone until I was at the gate, waiting to board. Whoops. I did get to take a quick trip down to Freiburg (where I spent Spring Semester of junior year) during that trip to visit a friend I’d studied abroad with back in 2005.

Lovely Stuttgart.

Lovely Stuttgart.

Bomb-ass German breakfast.

Bomb-ass German breakfast.

I'd missed schnitzel from Tacheles soooo much.

I’d missed schnitzel from Tacheles soooo much.

In June I chose to join the Ornelles lab and focus on the oncolytic properties of human adenovirus.

Joe and I celebrated our second anniversary in Alexandria, Virginia. It was a fun vacation filled with a ghost tour through the Old Town, a lovely dinner cruise, and a foray into DC to see the major tourist sites and the Spy Museum.

Obligatory White House pic.

Obligatory White House pic.

Joe during our dinner cruise.

Joe during our dinner cruise.

Again, I saw Page and Amy over Thanksgiving.


I got a fluffy little bundle of joy named Huggybear!


I wrote and submitted my proposal, then read/watched all the Harry Potter books/films for the first time in the two weeks I had before I defended my proposal. I miraculously passed.

Joe and I traveled to Berlin, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Rothenburg ob der Tauber in early December. It was a much needed trip.

The view just outside our hostel in Amsterdam.

The view just outside our hostel in Amsterdam.

The Christmas markets in Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

The Christmas markets in Rothenburg ob der Tauber.


I was a bridesmaid in Courtney Clark’s wedding.

Courtney's wedding.

Courtney’s wedding.

I traveled to Oxford, UK for the DNA Tumor Virus Meeting.

Grabbing a pint at The Eagle and Child.

Grabbing a pint at The Eagle and Child.

Oxford: so Hogwarts-y

Oxford: SO Hogwarts-y


The Ornelles lab went crabbing during the first week of June. It was a great retreat. Very relaxing. I slept in the sun, read on the pier, went crabbing, and ate the best crab cakes of my life.


I traveled to Madison, WI for the DNA Tumor Virus Meeting over the summer. I wasn’t expecting much, but Madison surprised me. It’s a quaint city and it holds a special place in my heart due to the fact that the first public performance of a GSM song took place during the meeting’s final banquet.

Beers on the lake in Madison.

Beers on the lake in Madison.

I spent the week after Christmas in New York City (my first trip there!)–right after that huge snowstorm.

Snow in Brooklyn.

Snow in Brooklyn.



This was the year of the postdoc from hell. My labmates and I would head down the hall every afternoon for a blissfully postdoc-free tea break. With goodies.

Tea time.

Tea time. Ha! And there’s no tea in this pic. There WAS tea. I promise.

Here we are at the 5 -year reunion.

5 year reunion.

5 year reunion.

In early summer, I went to Taste of Charlotte and won this awesome shirt for completing a hot wing challenge…and I’m apparently a really prissy eater….


I traveled to Trieste, Italy for the DNA Tumor Virus Meeting with two of my favorite labmates, lab tech Ana and undergrad Nat. We played hooky one of the conference days (who cares about Merkel Cell Virus?) and slipped off to Slovenia and then spent a few days after the conference in Venice. I was especially impressed with our medieval rental in Venice. Great location, great price, and just all-around quaint as hell.


Trieste sunset with Nat. Photo courtesy of Ana.


The lovely port of Trieste.

Divaca, Slovenia. Where trains come and go, but no one ever leaves.

Divaca, Slovenia. Where trains come and go, but no one ever leaves.

Gondola ride in Venice.

Gondola ride in Venice.


I joined the Winston-Salem Symphony Chorale early that year and performed Orff’s Carmina Burana with them in May. Look for me in the second row down, last one on the left.


I traveled to Le Monêtier-les-Baines, France in June to attend the European Workshop on Cell Death. EWCD was one of the best conferences I’ve ever been to. 90% of the people who attended were senior grad students, postdocs, or junior faculty, which broke down a lot of barriers and really opened up discussion. That and I just love cell death people. And European scientists.


Here I am with a group of awesome German scientists.


Conference location. BREATHTAKING!

I went to my 10-year high school reunion (Eek! Time flies!). It was nice seeing the handful of people I stayed friends with after high school and to see my old HS principal not long before he passed away.


I won a blue ribbon in the Meatloaf Competition at the Dixie Classic Fair. I’d never entered a fair competition before. Totally worth it just for the free fair entry and the fantastic free parking.


I had a cholecystectomy in October, after months of not being able to keep anything down and turning slightly yellow. Yay.


Trying not to laugh after my operation. Laughing was incredibly painful.

I had an incredibly embarrassing experience going to see The Hobbit in costume…the closest to a costume anyone else in the whole damn place was wearing was a pair of pointy ears.

I was a female dwarf.

I was a female dwarf.


2013 was a huge year for me. The first half of the year was spent writing my dissertation. During all the madness, Joe convinced me to audition at the Full Figured Fashion Week model casting call at the Pineville Lane Bryant. I found out that I’d been chosen in April and come June, I was in NYC. It was an incredible experience…and surprisingly eye-opening. It gave me an appreciation for the hard work involved in modeling and in the fashion industry in general.

My Plus Model Mag Interview

Modeling Ralph Lauren at Bloomingdale's.

Modeling Ralph Lauren at Bloomingdale’s.

Modeling Youthery Khmer at the Indie Designer Showcase.

Modeling Youthery Khmer at the Indie Designer Showcase.


After party at Pranna.

In May of 2013 I won a spot in the UNCSA CMS Honors Recital at the Stevens Center, during which I sang a Korean folk song, “Barley Field”, and Strauss’s “Zueignung”.

I defended my dissertation in August.

Here's the damn thing.

Here’s the damn thing.

And I got my diploma in December.


While 2013 had some breathtaking zeniths, it was also littered with its share of lows. My grandmother broke her hip that summer and developed a nosocomial infection while she was recovering. Her infection apparently unmasked Alzheimer’s that we never even knew she had. She’d had a few small lapses in memory, but no more than we’d expect from someone her age and we didn’t know that it was the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Her recovery from the hip surgery and the subsequent bacterial infection, although difficult, was promising, but her mind was rapidly deteriorating. We had to make the heartbreaking decision to send her back to Korea and she left in early December. She was put in a fancy schmancy hospital/care facility where she is surrounded by people she likes and gets round-the-clock supervision and specialized care and is currently very happy, though she misses us very much.


I sang at the March 1st Movement Festivities at the Korean Senior Citizens Center of Charlotte and received a ballin’ ass plaque–the first with my new title on it.

Ballin' ass plaque.

Ballin’ ass plaque.

And my mom’s dance went swimmingly.

I participated in the graduation rigmarole in the Spring…mostly for my parents’ benefit, but I have to admit that I love my cap.


Over the summer, I performed with the Eastern Music Festival Chorus in Greensboro.

Review of Eastern Music Festival Choral Concert

In November, I made my opera debut with the Symphony as Sister Claire in Poulenc’s Dialogues of the Carmelites.

My Sister Claire costume for Dialogues of the Carmelites.

My Sister Claire costume for Dialogues of the Carmelites.

Page, Amy, and I got together over Thanksgiving, as per usual, and then the Christmas season madness began. December was absolutely insane. I was in lab 14-18 hours a day for about four weeks. This was just after two long runs of the Carolina Christmas Spectacular and Handel’s Messiah with the symphony. I was glad to see January.

Can’t wait to read what you ladies have been up to!