An Introduction to my World. Drum Roll Please…

I love this.  I can’t tell you how many times I have wondered what everyone else is doing every day, how your children are growing, how you are growing.

Right now my biggest time suck is my full time job, of course.  I am the childcare director at our hometown Y.  I have been with the Y for more than four years, but just took this position after maternity leave last November.  In all honesty, I didn’t want it.  Now that I’m in it, I’m finding my talents are well suited for the most part.  The best part is being able to make my own schedule.  I also get free childcare.  I guess it makes up for the lack of a good wage. I also feel like I can do some good for our community.  There is a lot of opportunity to serve others, parents as well as children. The worst part is supervising.  I really hate that part.  There are 14 people that I supervise right now.  This number will increase during the summer.

My heart is at home, though.  My children are 7, 2, and 6 months.  All are absolutely gorgeous little girls (I’m not biased at all ).  Hannah is about to finish her first year of grade school.  She’s so smart.  Her personality is all ribbons and princesses.  She’s very gullible and has a good sense of humor.  One of her teacher’s told me she is everything a little girl should be.

The toddler, Ezri, is a force of nature.  My husband nicknamed her “Demon” to the shock of everyone who hears it.  He’s only half joking.  She is a terrible morning person.  She destroys everything in her path.  Sometimes she refers to herself as “we” and randomly talks in terrible voices.  She’s not entirely social.  Even as a baby she just gave everyone mean looks.  Don’t get me wrong, she is healthy and happy.  She has a twisted sense of humor like her father, though.

The youngest, Nora, is just so sweet!  She’s the happiest baby I have ever encountered.  She smiles 90% of her waking time.  She loves watching her sisters play and she rarely is unhappy.  She can belt it with the best of them, though.  The day she was born the nurse said “there’s nothing wrong with her lungs.”  If she’s not in her bed at 7:45 every night she lets the neighborhood know.

So for us it’s really the same Monday through Thursday.  I get up at 4:30 to get the four of us ready.  My husband goes to the gym before work, so he’s not there to help, and honestly, that is helpful.  When he does stay home to help I just badger him with questions about what he has or has not already gotten together and we always leave something.  Hannah is at school by 7:35 and then the little ones and I go to the Y.  At 8 they go to the nursery.  At 8:45 Ezri goes to school.  I pick her up again at noon.  The nursery closes at 1 and I usually keep them with me until 1:30 or 2.  At that time either my mom or my mother in law comes to get them and then pick up Hannah.  We get home around 6, to dinner already started by my husband, take showers and get the girls to bed by 7:45.  Chris and I follow by nine at the latest.

If all goes well during the week, I usually get off early on Friday to do the grocery shopping and a little cleaning at home.  Saturdays we see my husband’s family a lot or sometimes have events or birthday parties to go to.  Sundays we go to church, have lunch at my mom’s, the oldest two go visit my dad in the afternoon and then they have Awana at church at 5:30. There’s very little wiggle room to our schedules.  Coordinating three children gets tricky sometimes.  If someone wants to schedule something it’s gotta be a month in advance.

My outlet is home projects or throwing parties.  I just love to put together detailed tablescapes.  I’m already planning an apple orchard theme for Nora’s first birthday.

All in all, I’m really happy.  I love our little town, the people I work with and my job.  My girls are miracles and I think my husband is secretly working on sainthood.  I have my moments when the little things get to me but I am truly blessed.