If I Could Spend a Day with You…

I have been thinking a lot about trying to plan a time to get together with all of you but with my school schedule, Blake’s work schedules and probably all of your schedules and the distance between each of us, it is just not a reality.  Ultimately, we will probably meet again at our 10 year reunion the weekend of April 22-23 because all of you will be there, right?  I want to keep up with this blog in an effort to stay in contact with you and to communicate my thoughts and memories and to hear from you in return.  That being said, I have been thinking about what I would do with each of you if I were able to spend one day with you, just you.

In alphabetical order:

Ashley: I know I said just you but I would like to see for a little bit how our children play together.  Liam and Clark are just a year a part and so they might be buddies.  After we let them play for a while, we will let their daddies take them while we go play.  We would probably try hard to think of something to do but in reality would probably end up just going to Starbucks and then Target.

Brooke: Clark loves little girls and your house is full of them so I would love to see how they play together for a while.  We would then leave the kids to go shopping and probably for a long while.

Ellen: We have never done this in the past but I would like to go hiking with Ellen.  We both like it and there are a lot of good spots to go hiking in my area and probably in her area too so no matter where we are, we have a good chance of finding a good trail, a good mountain or something to hike.  I imagine we would talk about work for her, school for me, our families and whatever else.  We could end the day with a good meal at a restaurant.

Roberta: This is easy.  I would love to sit and watch Roberta while she cooked something delicious, hopefully Korean, and talk about our memories together.  I would love to laugh about Renaissance Poetry, ridiculous things that happened in London and what has happened since.  Then, we would watch a movie together, hopefully a scary one, which would lead to us not sleeping at all that night.