Following in Alma’s Shoes….

Well, I suppose I’ll follow Alma’s lead and introduce you to the day-to-day of my life. I am still living in Winston-Salem and, as of two years ago, Joe has been living with me. I graduated from Wake in December of 2013 and spent 2014 doing several crazy 6-week stints of frantic science while half-heartedly looking for postdocs and doing a ton of soul searching, but I’ll save my disillusionment with science for another post on another day.

My days are now devoted to music, writing, transcribing, occasional scientific consulting, and, most recently, studying for the LSATs. I typically study for the LSATs in the morning and spend my afternoons doing any freelance work I might have, singing, writing, researching my genealogy, brushing up on my German by reading the Harry Potter series, and brushing up on my Italian with a grammar text. I have Winston-Salem Symphony Chorale rehearsals on Monday evenings, church choir rehearsals on Wednesday evenings, and church on Sunday mornings. Sunday and Monday are Joe’s days off, so the two of us usually do some exploring on those days: trying new restaurants, visiting small local museums, and visiting historical sites.

The Winston-Salem Symphony Chorale is the absolute highlight of my week. I’ve been singing with the chorale for about three years now and we usually put on four or five sets of concerts per year. We just performed Bach’s Christ lag in Todes Banden and Haydn’s Lord Nelson Mass (I thought of you and Trafalgar Square, Alma!) at Centenary UMC last weekend and that was a ton of fun, even if the crowd was disappointingly sparse.

This post is really short, but perhaps I’ll write a year-by-year recap later today or tomorrow.



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